Sex in the News: Terry Crews-Dirty Little Secrets

I don’t know if Terry Crews is a narcissist. He’s not my patient. He did say however that he felt ‘entitled’ to sex with his wife. He said he felt entitled in general.  He said that he was more valuable than his wife because he [...]

Fifty Shades-Trilogy

Having just finished the 3rd book in the Fifty Shades trilogy I wonder, who out there wants to stomach another blog on 50 shades. Let’s just get past one thing. There is a lot written regarding the intensely poor literary quality on this book; not [...]

Fifty Shades-Book 1

In line with pop culture I decided to get in line and consume the latest romance novel-50 Shades of Grey. With great publicity and reception, it has hit the NY Times bestseller list. On one hand it reads to me no different than the books [...]