Depression, Addiction, and Ketamine

2018-04-08T13:16:18+00:00June 13th, 2017|

Have you heard of Ketamine treatment for addiction? Depression and Addiction Depression is rampant, even more-so within the addiction population. One of the things that have come across my desk lately, or actually my couch, has been the use of ketamine for TRD (treatment-resistant depression). [...]

Sex in the News: Teens on Sexual Consent

2018-04-08T22:14:11+00:00February 28th, 2016|

The other day I was interviewed for a local glossy on sexual consent in teens. This interview was inspired by and followed the January 9th piece in the New York Times entitled “Campus Sex . . . With a Syllabus.”   It features Josh Kalin of [...]