Psychotherapy Intensives

  • Do you experience too slow gains in your daily weekly therapy?

  • Are you at an impasse?

  • Are you in crisis mode and/or anxious to procure a jumpstart to mitigate the pain?

  • Is your calendar so busy that you are challenged to find time to mitigate the damages of neglect to a relationship or situation?

  • Have you contemplated how to streamline your recovery and healing?

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We inhabit an ‘on-demand’ culture, a world woven into a web, a place of immediate results where we call for change yesterday… or rather today. Not tomorrow. We reside in the present, in the ‘be here now’, with everything mindful.

That said, change shouldn’t necessitate years or decades. It’s in the now we desire the gratification of repair and transformation. If your personal agenda for change is not to grapple with life’s day to day issues or work with someone in solving dilemmas and challenges as they arise, or your weekly therapy, although in-depth, is at an impasse or you are finding it difficult to show up, then a therapy intensive may be for you.

Conventional weekly therapy is effective but at times inefficient and, no doubt, for not for everyone at every moment. Intensives offer you that concentrated, undiluted, and intense focus you may need.

We know that certain tasks can be better accomplished with an in-depth, streamlined effort. As such, high doses of intensive, depth-oriented, goal-driven treatment can achieve even deeper longer-lasting results. And concentrated blocks of time allow for an all-out accelerated treatment and streamlined process. You can accomplish in two or three days what might take six months in conventional weekly therapy.

And why not?

The Why of Intensives

Logistics-Accessibility, Availability, Affordability:  When either your regular treatment provider is not familiar with nor available to offer more intensive work when the resources near you are restricted to say a ‘generalist’ when you need specialized help and/or when a concentrated approach may effect for you the greatest benefits. Or when your schedule won’t permit regular weekly sessions.

Impasse:  Therapy invariably gets stale. When your current therapy isn’t moving things along or your therapist isn’t able to provide for you what you need at that moment.

Jumpstart: Intensives mobilize: They plunge you right into the process. As such, they provide a great jumpstart into therapy. With couples therapy, for example, couples who begin with a three (3) hour process exit with a clearer agenda and greater hope.

An Adjunct to online therapy.

Personal Choice: When it better fits your style of self-exploration and change

When you desire Accelerated Growth and Transformation in a shorter period.

Intensives, or intensive retreats, are not vacations or time off but time a committed time of self-reflection and change.

Intensives are tailored to meet your needs as an individual, couple or family. Dr. Winter offers the following intensives that are both founded on clinically sound models yet tailored specifically to meet your needs

Types of Intensives

Psychotherapy Intensives don’t change everything but they can stance a remarkable impact in your journey. They provide an opportunity for a time-out to dig deep in an environment without distractions that the standard one-hour weekly time-slot fails to provide. This is not a quick fix; it requires a dedicated intense focused work with highly motivated individuals and couples who are ready to commit to change, regardless of the discomfort and consequences.

Dr. Winter’s office is located in the heart and hub of central Boca Raton, close to hotels, shopping, and wonderful restaurants as well as a 10-minute drive to the Atlantic Ocean. It is the perfect spot for self-examination, contemplation and healing.

Intensives are typically done in 2-3 days (Friday-Sunday) and span a 10-12 hour time-frame.

Each individual or couple has to undergo a mandatory pre-screening process. This process, as well as the intensive schedule, is tailored to your agenda.

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Jumpstart your Healing!

If you want to gain some accelerated traction, consider an individual or couples intensive. Call or email me for your no-risk 10-minute consultation to determine if an intensive is for you.


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