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EFT Couples Therapy-The Space Between-A Bottom-Up Approach

The space between. Why couples therapy Is not just about couples. Have you heard of EFT? Emotionally Focused Therapy has been around since the 80’s however the roots of it has been around for a lot longer.  Based on the work of John Bowlby and [...]

Depression, Addiction, and Ketamine

One of the things that have come across my desk lately, or actually my couch, has been the use of ketamine for TRD (treatment-resistant depression).  As a psychologist, sexologist and CSAT I see all kinds of depressed people, recovering addicts notwithstanding. As do most other [...]

Book Review: ReThinking Narcissism

Dr. Craig Malkin has rethought narcissism. Having grown up with a narcissistic mother he sought out to make sense of the etiology, usefulness, and purpose of her (and most likely his own) behaviors. We know that our actions, given sufficient information, can be understood and [...]

Trauma: Then and Now

How do I know that I’m suffering from the sequelae of a traumatic event? Trauma happens. It happens in everyday life. If not discharged properly it sleeps in our bodies and in our souls. When it sleeps, it morphs and over time the symptoms of [...]

Welcome to my NEW Website!

Welcome to my new website! I hope that information presented here can be a start or a continuation of your healing. At some point in time we all need help, and like most people, are reluctant to ask. Reaching for assistance is perhaps the single [...]

Sex in the News: Terry Crews-Dirty Little Secrets

I don’t know if Terry Crews is a narcissist. He’s not my patient. He did say however that he felt ‘entitled’ to sex with his wife. He said he felt entitled in general.  He said that he was more valuable than his wife because he [...]

I am my phone . . living in the digital age

Just short of three years ago I was walking with my son on South University in Ann Arbor when I asked him to pick out a lunch spot. As he always is on his phone, he immediately returned to his mobile device. I reacted. . [...]