Depression, Addiction, and Ketamine

One of the things that have come across my desk lately, or actually my couch, has been the use of ketamine for TRD (treatment-resistant depression).  As a psychologist, sexologist and CSAT I see all kinds of depressed people, recovering addicts notwithstanding. As do most other [...]

Book Review: ReThinking Narcissism

Dr. Craig Malkin has rethought narcissism. Having grown up with a narcissistic mother he sought out to make sense of the etiology, usefulness, and purpose of her (and most likely his own) behaviors. We know that our actions, given sufficient information, can be understood and [...]

Social-Dating Anxiety-The Dr. Joe Show

Social Anxiety is a disorder defined by intense fear in social situations.  Sometimes it can encompass specific situations (ie-dating anxiety) and sometimes it can be generalized to broad situations (ie-leaving the house).  In either case the general course is to avoid the situation that triggers [...]

Male Erectile Dysfunction

Check out this article by Jaleh Weber, on Male Erectile Dysfunction.  She said that it received more hits than any of the others!  The article and tips can be found here: Jaleh is the author of Making Marriage a Success,  2011, available at Also [...]

Is therapy taking too long?

There is no doubt that for some, therapy is a long, even a life-long process. But for others, in fact for most, it does not have to be that way. In fact, it can be quite short term. For others till they can do a [...]

Is ANXIETY good for you?

A teenager recently asked me to help her with her anxiety.  I ask her to talk about it.  As it turns out, some of her anxiety is appropriate and, in fact, useful. We have been desensitized to believe that any anxiety is a bad thing. [...]