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Hypnosis is the practice of attaining an altered state of consciousness consisting of extreme suggestibility, relaxation and heightened imagination. This is achieved through guided imagery and meditation so as to allow for the access to information and enhance change through suggestions.

Through the use of Hypnosis one gains access to our own inner power to achieve lasting change. Deep within our subconscious mind is all the wisdom and personal knowledge we need to attain measurable results in eliminating unwanted behaviors and releasing negative feelings. Hypnosis is a rapid and effective tool to create lasting change.

Hypnosis can be used to assist in:

  • Memory Retrieval: Age Regression and Past-Life Regression Therapy
  • Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Ego-Strengthening
  • Anxiety and Panic: Fears and Phobias
  • Pain Management: Body and Cancer related pain, Pre-Surgical Preparation
  • Physiological Disorders: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Migraine Headache
  • Habit Control: Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Nail-Biting
Past-Life Regression Therapy (PLRT)

Past-life regression therapy (PLRT) utilizes a hypnotic based protocol whereby the patient is regressed back in time to a former life. It is recognized by the mental health profession as an effective and important modality of treatment.

There are instances in which neither traditional nor unconventional psychotherapy is unable to bring about the desired change or removal of the symptom or pain. Past hurts, losses, phobias, fears, compulsions, and even physical pains, for example, may have no relevance to something in the present life; instead there may be a connection to events in a prior lifetime. Recall of a past-life may assist in the letting-go of the symptom and result in subsequent healing. It is generally recommended that one’s current life be examined before PLRT is attempted.

We are a spiritual being in a physical body. That one has a spiritual belief system does not necessarily assist in the outcome of PLRT.

Dr. Winter initially trained in Hypnosis in 1992 because of her interest in memory retrieval done via the process of age-regression. During a regression a few years later a patient spontaneously regressed into a life beyond the present. Although not verifiable, Dr. Winter has found PLRT to be particularly helpful in unexplained or resistant symptomology as well as relationships that are particularly dysfunctional and unrelenting or where there has been trauma. With a special interest in this form of healing, Dr. Winter is working on a book about PLRT, utilizing experiences from her own work.

Trained in hypnosis over 25 years ago at the Miami Institute of Clinical Hypnosis with Psychologist, Dr. Steven Warner, Dr Winter has helped many achieve breakthroughs when no other method has helped. Dr. Winter utilizes the philosophy and methodology of Dr. Brian Weiss, the originator of past-life regression therapy.

PLRT sessions are offered in 90 and 120-minute increments. Assessment and preparation work prior and processing work following the session(s) are typically done in standard 50-minute visits.

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