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Online Consulting/Coaching and Counseling

  • Is your schedule too busy to carve out more than a therapy hour?

  • Are the services in your area limited yet can be found elsewhere?

  • Are you frustrated that the quality of specialized services in your area is insufficient?

Online counseling, coaching and consultation meets you where you are.

If you live outside the South Florida area but have primary residence in the state of Florida, or live outside the U.S. you are eligible for online coaching and consultation services.

These can be short-term, longer-term, or ongoing, and can be helpful for working on a specific problem or for creating a concrete plan to move forward on a more complex issue. People generally seek consultation related to:

  • Couples Issues

  • Relationship Roadblocks

  • Infidelity Guidance

  • Divorce Coaching

  • Family Relational Issues

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Sex-Addiction Coaching

  • Parenting Guidance

  • Emotional Issues

Please refer to my specialties to see if this is the right place for you.

Online counseling and consultation is different from the deeper in-person work of therapy, so if you struggle with bipolar disorder, severe depression or substance abuse/addiction or another affective disturbance it is best to reach out to someone in your local area.

Online coaching and consultation allows you to receive services in the most flexible and convenient manner. It opens you to find space in your busy day when you might not otherwise, to avoid the commute if in remote areas where services are less accessible and/or an expert is unavailable, and is confidential and HIPAA compliant.

If you are interested in consultation and coaching for sexual dysfunction, sex addiction or anything related to sexuality, please understand there is no nudity or exposure of body parts. Online consultation and coaching is a talking experience.

If you live outside the South Florida area or are too busy or unable to meet in office, Dr. Winter offers private online consultation and coaching services by Zoom. Services are available to international clients as well. For those who need couples therapy, EMDR or hypnotherapy, Dr. Winter offers 2-3 day weekend intensives.

Whether you are in a crisis from a recent affair discovery or struggling for some time with the issues noted above, please call the office for a complementary 10-minute consultation. If you are out of the country, please email the office and the consultation can be set up via video or facetime.

An Adjunct to Intensives

Video sessions are pragmatic given the reasons noted above, however, an additional advantage of this modality is the ability to intersperse it with in-person intensives. Intensives offer a focused attention and time to resolve core issues within the self and/or the relationship. They are not uncommon in the couples therapy world and are offered for individual trauma work as well. You can find more information on psychotherapy intensives here.

You don’t need to wait. Get help now!

Getting face-to-face can be challenging at times. Gain access to instant, confidential help, on any device, wherever you are in the world.


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