I am my phone . . living in the digital age

Just short of three years ago I was walking with my son on South University in Ann Arbor when I asked him to pick out a lunch spot. As he always is on his phone, he immediately returned to his mobile device. I reacted. . [...]

Can Porn hurt a marriage?

Check out Marni's new post on about.com . . http://marriage.about.com/od/difficultissues/fl/Is-Pornography-Destroying-Your-Marriage.htm

Obesity Economics-Part 1

I'm currently taking a course called Obesity Economics- actually Principles of- the 4 week version of an 8 week course taught by a professor at John's Hopkins. It's about just that- the economics of obesity. Its about both micro and macro factors that govern obesity. [...]

Cybersex: Sex in Cyberworld

Cybersex is not the same thing as Sex Addiction but it can be a part of it.  Cybersex started with the advent of the Cyberworld-the Internet.  People who once in their monogamous relationship were committed and faithful now have an easy access low-expense safe and [...]

Nike and Nathan Sorrell

Do you know who Nathan Sorrell is?  I didn’t either until I had the opportunity to see the Nike commercial featured during this years Summer Olympics.  The “Find your Greatness” ad features Nathan, a 12 year old 200 lb boy from London, Ohio.  The commercial [...]

Fat Down South

According to an article on Time.com, Mississippi has an adult obesity rate of 33%.  That is a whopping number. But being obese isn't just about weight; it affects your entire being and lifestyle including, yes, your libido. Remember Morgan Spurlock ("Supersize Me") whose physical, psychological, [...]