As we know there are times when it becomes virtually impossible to heal when there is an exclusive examination of our present life.  There are also times when we go so deep that it’s clear we are grieving the loss of 1000 years. With past life regression, this healing can occur.

8 Signs You May Have Been Here Before

Recently in an article for Oprah, Dr. Brian Weiss identifies “4 signs you may have had a past life”. Here they are; I have more ideas.

 1.  Déjà vu-an immediate sensation that you have been there before, whether it be in a place or in a connection with someone.  There might also be an usual symptom or sign that surfaces in a limited situation.  When I was in Zermatt in 2008 skiing I woke up several times with fear and panic regarding my parenting responsibilities. That never happened prior nor did it happen

2.  Real life dreams-vivid detailed dreams of oneself in another place might represent another time and dimension. On the contrary, I believe that memories of past lives come in snippets-scenes that are real, in addition to full-length REM dreams with symbols and metaphors. Those snippets may or may not connect with you but if you are paying attention they can be very revealing and help connect the dots.

3.  Talents and abilities/likes and dislikes/attractions and aversions-certain abilities and likes may represent a sign you have done that or been there before.  If there is someone you take an instant like or dislike to, make an instant connection, good or bad, there is a chance it is not your first meeting.

4.  A soul mate-an intense immediate attraction and connection is typically indicative that you have been around before with that person or group. The relationship may and is typically different in different lives but the dynamics may remain. In the spiritual world, our soul mate is here to teach us a lesson.

And I might add:

5.  You cant live with him/you cant live without him-I have experienced many couples (marriages-both heterosexual and same-sex, as well as parent/child or friendships) whereby they cant separate yet they cant truly connect in a healthy way.  I have had couples that stay married for decades where the relationship is fraught with pain yet the idea of disconnection is deeply and spiritually painful. This is often a sign to me that they have been together before in a past life and are continuing a healing or trying to figure it out here and now.

6.  My child acts like my parent/spouse-How do I explain to a parent who tells me that her child has acted like a spouse or a parent since they were born while another child has not? How do I explain to parents that one of several children may act as spouse during/after divorce proceedings when the others do not. Is it simply family roles or is there more to this?  As in therapy with adults, when appropriately delivered short-term parenting interventions don’t work then there is clearly more to it.

7.  A failure to fix a problem with verified methods-when issues, be it emotional, physical or otherwise are not clearly repaired with verified interventions.

8.  Unexplainable physical or physiological symptoms-symptoms that are un-diagnosable and transient may represent a past life situation. It’s not just that treatment doesn’t help, its also that the etiology or even diagnosis cannot be made. Ten years ago I experienced excruciating pain deep in a tooth that lasted on and off for an hour. Never had it before or since that time; unexplainable in this lifetime. I don’t know that we need to know the etiology of every experience (such as this) but staying open to the possibility can certainly put things into perspective even with events that are less significant than say ongoing pains or our relationships.

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