Psychological Testing

“Nature does not meet our need for a tidy and well-ordered universe. The complexity and intricacy of the natural world make it difficult not only to establish clear-cut relationships among phenomena but to find simple ways in which these phenomena can be classified or grouped. In our desire to discover the essential order of nature we are forced to select only a few of the infinite number of elements which could be chosen; in this selection we narrow our choice only to those aspects of nature which we believe best enable us to answer the questions we pose. The elements we have chosen may be labeled, transformed and reassembled in a variety of ways. But we must keep in mind that these labels and transformations are not “realities”. The definitions, concepts and theories scientists create are only optional tools to guide their observation and interpretation of the natural world; it is necessary to recognize, therefore, that different concepts and theories may coexist as alternative approaches to the same basic problem”.

Theodore Millon, PhD, DSc Modern Psychopathology, p. 36, 1969

Given the words of Dr. Millon, there are times in which we need to classify and label. Those times are there to assist us in our journey to healing. Dr. Winter offers, to her patients, various psychological testing that assist in this process. There are assessments specific to personality and functioning and there are others specific to particular symptom clusters. Dr. Winter offers a variety of both personality and projective testing as well as specialized testing for sex and process addictions. Both you and she will decide together which is most effective and at what point in your treatment this will be helpful.