Cybersex is not the same thing as Sex Addiction but it can be a part of it.  Cybersex started with the advent of the Cyberworld-the Internet.  People who once in their monogamous relationship were committed and faithful now have an easy access low-expense safe and private way to explore parts of themselves that had forever been hidden.  A study from 2000 found that 65% of those who abuse cybersex had no prior history of sexual addiction

If a man wants to find out what it’s like to have sex with another man he can go into a gay chat room or engage live with someone behind his firewall.  A disabled person who may have shame about their condition can engage anonymously while an adult can engage with a child. Anything is possible and in cyber-universe.

In the Cyber-universe Anything Goes

Cybersex or Cyber-porn is like any other addiction-to some extent.  With other behaviors there is always a percentage of those who ‘experiment’ or ‘flirt’ with a substance or behavior and stop; there are those who experience it as a problem for the short term where it gets out of control. There are those who ‘abuse’ something intermittently and then there are those who are addicted.  The classic definition of addiction is that it requires ‘tolerance’ and ‘withdrawal’-that it, an increasing amount of the substance to produce the same effect, and, when removed there are symptoms.  Like certain drugs, it is easy to become addicted.

While anyone is at risk, the research shows that, like any other problem, those with poor ego controls and a history of other issues/addictions or someone in the throws of transition are at greater risk. People who are unhappy are at risk as well . . . often they are unaware that they are not happy.

What Happens in Cyberworld

Creating a world that you control . . that is a projection of what you want to experience is what happens in Cyberworld.  But that is not the only motive. Here are some others:

  1. Cybersex is disease free.
  2. Cybersex intensifies self-stimulation and masturbation.
  3. Cybersex provides instant gratification.
  4. Cybersex provides an escape from mental stress and tension.
  5. Cybersex normalizes sexual fantasies.
  6. Cybersex provides approval and affirmation.
  7. Cybersex alleviates performance anxiety
  8. Cybersex helps cope with the pain of childhood sexual abuse.

If you or someone you know is a cybersexaddict it is critical to get help before the consequences are irreversible.