The Sun Sentinel yesterday highlighted Fifty Shades of Grey. They endorsed  banning the book from Brevard County Library due to the “mommy porn” element. Tell me-what is so different between the writings of EL James and that of Harold Robbins and Jacqueline Suzanne 30 years ago, which by the way I checked out of the Broward County Library. Perhaps they were not as vivid (relying on memory is unreliable). Her writing-detailed, descriptive and at times monotonous (she has been getting alot of heat about the quality of her writing but then again how many ways can you script the same sexual act?) puts it in the category of porn and well there are always moral debates about that . . I say leave the book and don’t check it out to anyone under 18 or 21.

The writer asked me about the appeal. Other than the obvious, that romance, hollywood and sex relieves us of our own emptiness, Annas desire to rescue Grey from his own internal pain is something most of us can relate to. Sadomasochistic erotica is also an archtype-and her taking of the pain relieves him temporarily of his. But mostly . . . there hasn’t been a good trashy novel out that i am aware of in a long time. People are hungry and are gobbling it up!  I too am ready to have my fill of Book 2.