According to an article on, Mississippi has an adult obesity rate of 33%.  That is a whopping number.

But being obese isn’t just about weight; it affects your entire being and lifestyle including, yes, your libido.

Remember Morgan Spurlock (“Supersize Me”) whose physical, psychological, AND sexual well being (“my sex life was nonexistent”) was compromised by the 24.5 lbs he added over a one month period of eating exclusively fast food-big Mac’s and the like.

How does being overweight affect your sex drive?

The latest research has shown that problems with sex drive, performance, and desire in obese people usually stems from the medical conditions that are associated with being overweight.  In men this can be erectile problems which- in turn lead to loss of desire for sex.  Women are affected in much the same way, their sexual response is affected and this leads to a drop in desire.

Have you ever heard of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin)? The more body fat you have the higher your levels of SHBG.  This chemical binds the sex hormone testosterone and puts a dimmer on sexual desire.

There are the psychological factors of course.  If you are struggling with your weight and you have self image issues this will have a dramatic effect on even the most active libido.

With all that said, there is good news.  Making a few changes to your body and the way you think about it can help to enhance your libido.  Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Lose a little weight. As little as 10 pounds can stimulate sex hormones and give an immediate boost to your love life
  • Eat healthier to control blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels – this alone will increase your sex drive even if you don’t lose any weight
  • Try to focus you workouts on getting blood flowing in the pelvic area – this is especially beneficial for women. Exercises include yoga, walking, and cycling.
  • Start reading or watching some erotica (with or without your partner)
  • Start believing that you are sensual and sexy

Before embarking on any libido increasing plan you will need to identify any physical or psychological obstacles that could be standing in your way of having a fulfilling sex life.

Body image is the biggest culprit.  Accepting one’s body is a precursor to having a satisfying and stimulating sex life!  Lose your self-consciousness.  Fretting about your belly wobbling or your cellulite legs, or how your butt looks from different angles will make it extremely difficult to enjoy sex let alone satisfy your partner.

Try some self talk, it really can go a long way to improving your sex drive and desire and if you live in Mississippi or down south let up on the fried food.

For more information on the adult obesity rates you can read the article here:

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