I am my phone . . living in the digital age

Just short of three years ago I was walking with my son on South University in Ann Arbor when I asked him to pick out a lunch spot. As he always is on his phone, he immediately returned to his mobile device. I reacted. . [...]

Can Porn hurt a marriage?

Check out Marni's new post on about.com . . http://marriage.about.com/od/difficultissues/fl/Is-Pornography-Destroying-Your-Marriage.htm

When Couples Collide-More on Past lives

Have I known him before? Why is she so familiar? Why did things click the moment I met him? Diana told me that she felt like Evan’s spirit jumped out at her when she entered the club.  She had never met him but they had [...]

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

Have you heard of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy? Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, aka EFT, is an evidence based therapy, meaning simply that research has been done on the process/outcome. In fact, of all the couple therapy models available, EFT documents the most research and incidentally [...]

Couples Tip #1 – Don’t tell all!

For most of us it is easy to go through your day, start to finish, on autopilot.  There is alot to accomplish-between work, kids, parents, pets and household matters . . . it can be quite consuming. In the midst of things, staying connected to [...]

Male Erectile Dysfunction

Check out this article by Jaleh Weber, on Male Erectile Dysfunction.  She said that it received more hits than any of the others!  The article and tips can be found here:  http://voices.yahoo.com/male-erectile-disorder-interview-dr-barbara-6125616.html?cat=70 Jaleh is the author of Making Marriage a Success,  2011, available at Amazon.com. Also [...]

Hope Springs

Hope Springs, the movie about the 60’s something couple who want to regain the romance and connection in their relationship, was not all I hoped it would be. With Steve Carell as the marriage therapist I had anticipated more comedy and less seriousness.  And Hope [...]