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Book Review: ReThinking Narcissism

Dr. Craig Malkin has rethought narcissism. Having grown up with a narcissistic mother he sought out to make sense of the etiology, usefulness, and purpose of her (and most likely his own) behaviors. We know [...]

Trauma: Then and Now

How do I know that I’m suffering from the sequelae of a traumatic event? Trauma happens. It happens in everyday life. If not discharged properly it sleeps in our bodies and in our souls. When [...]

Welcome to my NEW Website!

Welcome to my new website! I hope that information presented here can be a start or a continuation of your healing. At some point in time we all need help, and like most people, are [...]

Sex & Economics: How Much Sex is Enough?

Everything has a value. My definition of economics is. what’s it worth to you? We are constantly weighing-in and re-evaluating what we want, especially today since there are 40+ options for salsa on the supermarket shelf.  Despite [...]

My Personal Experience with Mindful Eating

Ever since the mindful explosion via the work of Jon Kabat-Zin (wherever you go there you are) or as I have been saying  ”you take yourself with you” mindful everything has taken shape. One of [...]